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Community Policing

The Farmington Public Safety Department embraces a partnership of community based public safety police and fire services. Sixty-six (66) special services and programs focus on youth, neighborhoods, roadways and the business owners of our community.

What is Community Policing?

Community Policing is a philosophy of full-service, personalized policing where officers work in a proactive partnership with citizens to identify and solve problems.

The focus of community-oriented policing is not simply on responding to crime, but on preventing crime and resolving community problems. The philosophy rests on the belief that the police and the community must work together as partners to solve the contemporary challenges faced in today's society.

The Farmington Public Safety Department operates several community policing programs.

Neighborhood Watch

The Public Safety Department has maintained a very active Neighborhood Watch Program since 1983. Over 81 percent of the City's residential blocks are participating. Meetings are held at 7:00 PM on the second Thursday of each month at City Hall. This is a great way to meet your neighbors and to learn more about what is happening in your Public Safety Department.

The Citizen Award program ensures that members of the community who assist the Public Safety Department are recognized with telephone calls, letters and awards.

Business Watch

The Department has operated the Business Watch program for the past 15 years. This program provides a formal network in which information can be exchanged between the Public Safety Department and the business community concerning criminal activity.

Youth Programs

The Department's School Safety Program is prepared to respond to all types of school and community emergencies. The Farmington School District Director of Safe Schools and Department personnel meet regularly and discuss concerns and safety issues. All petrol vehicles are equipped with specialized emergency equipment should a serious incident require a rapid response.

The Department also maintains a School Liaison Officer at Farmington High School. This officer speaks to classes on a variety of subjects and provides a law enforcement perspective to individual students. This program has opened communications between students, school staff and the Department, and plays an important role in reducing violence and substance abuse among high school students.

The Turn Around Program recognizes students at Farmington schools who turn their lives around in a positive manner. These students are honored at an annual banquet. The Department is a major sponsor and members serve on the planning and nominations committee.

The Department operates the Michigan Community Child Watch program in conjunction with Farmington Public Schools. Community members are screened and homes are identified where children may seek safe haven if the need arises.

Educational Programs

Members of the Department work with the Community Coalition and assist with substance abuse and relationship violence prevention workshops and programs.

The Department conducts various fire safety education programs to pre-schools and other community groups.

The Fire Marshal coordinates weather safety and tornado alert publications for free distribution to the public. The Department also promotes public education and notification during tornados and severe weather alert month.