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Business Registration

City Ordinance requires that all businesses register with the City and pay an annual business registration fee.

Information provided on the application is kept on file in the offices of the City Clerk and Public Safety.  This enables the City to promptly respond to emergencies at city-wide business locations or contact business owners at any time should the need arise.  Businesses should note that a license or permit that has been granted to any person by the state or county to engage in the operation of their business does not exempt such person from registering with the City Clerk.

All registered Farmington businesses will also be included in the Business Directory.  This Directory will be updated yearly to correspond with Business Registration renewal, as well as being regularly updated with changed information from businesses holding a current registration.

A certificate of registration will be mailed to each city business upon receipt of payment and application. Businesses are advised to contact the Clerk's Office if information provided on their application changes during the year.

Opening a New Business?

Our Business Registration form can be found here.

Massage Establishment Application can be found here.

Please see our Fee Schedule here.

For further information, please see our City of Farmington Charter and Code of Ordinances, Code of Ordinances, Chapter 8 - Registration and Licensing.