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Notice of Project Plan Public Meeting FY2024 Clean Water State Revolving Fund Project

The City of Farmington announces a Public Meeting regarding its Project Planning Document for proposed sanitary sewer improvements in the City. The purpose of the meeting is to not only inform, but to seek and gather input from people that will be affected. Comments and viewpoints from the public are encouraged on the proposed projects for which the City intends to seek low interest Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) loan assistance. 

The public meeting will be part of the regular City Council meeting on:

DATE: April 17, 2023
TIME: 7 pm
PLACE: Farmington City Hall, 23600 Liberty St., Farmington, MI 48335

The Project Plan improvements are comprised of sanitary sewer lining/grouting projects in three (3) different areas of the City along with a removal and replacement project, as well as improvements to the 9 Mile Retention Basin Facility.  These projects are referenced as follows:

  1. Sanitary sewer rehabilitation in select areas of the Chatham Hills neighborhood (Section 1), along Cass St. and Alta Loma Dr. in the area west of Farmington Road and south of Grand River (Section 2), in select areas of the Bel-Aire neighborhood as well as a small portion in the Farmington Meadows subdivision (Section 3). Construction impacts will be limited since the projects will be primarily self-contained.
  2. Sanitary sewer removal and replacement along Riverview Court just north of Grand River Ave.  Construction will include the excavation and removal of existing materials in order to construct new sanitary sewer in kind. The work site will be restored upon completion The impact of the project will be improved ability of the City to provide reliable sanitary services.   
  3. 9 Mile Retention Basin Facility improvements are proposed to maintain proper operations. Rehabilitation will include replacing assets nearing the end of their useful life, including pumps, blowers, motor control center, generators, valves, sluice gates, and other miscellaneous assets. Most of these assets are over 30 years old and some are no longer supported by the manufacturer, thus replacement parts are difficult to find.
The temporary impact of construction activities will be minimized through mitigation measures specified in the contract documents. Adverse impacts on historical, archaeological, geographic, or cultural areas are not expected. This project is necessary to ensure that the City can maintain sanitary service to residents. The total cost of the project is currently estimated as follows, all of which is being sought through the CWSRF program: 
Project Name Initial Capital Investment Annual Debt Retirement Annual Cost per Household Quarterly Cost per Household
Rehab Sections 1-3 $630,000 $41,300 $7.88 $1.98
Riverview Ct Repair $50,000 $3,300 $0.63 $0.16
9 Mile RTB Improvements $5.224 million $343,100 $65.46 $16.37
Overall Cost $5.904 million $387,700 $73.97 $18.51
A copy of the Draft Project Planning Document will be available for viewing at City Hall starting on March 31, 2023.

If you have any questions or want to submit a written statement for the Public Meeting, write to David Murphy, City of Farmington, 23600 Liberty St., Farmington, MI 48335.

Written comments will be accepted at the address above if recieved prior to 4 p.m., EST, on April 17, 2023




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