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Yard Waste PickUp

Garbage Collection Map

Yard Waste will begin the first full week of April and end the last full week of November.

Curbside yard waste collection will begin on Monday, April 20 for the spring of 2020. Please put your yard waste out with your scheduled garbage pickup.

On November 1, 2004 State laws (Public Act 34 & 35) were enacted which prohibits yard waste from entering Michigan landfills.

Yard Waste Program is available from the FIRST FULL WEEK OF APRIL through THE LAST FULL WEEK OF NOVEMBER. Residents are no longer allowed to place yard waste at curbside once the program ends.

Yard waste is considered to be grass, leaves, spent garden plants, flowers, weeds, pine needles, pine cones, acorns, chestnuts, walnuts, apples, pumpkins, loose straw (not baled), vines, twigs and woody material up to 2" in diameter.  Branches must be cut no longer than 4' (feet) and be no thicker than 6" (inches) in diameter, and must be bundled.  Logs, stumps, dirt, or rocks are not accepted. 

Yard waste can not be mixed in the same container with regular trash at any time of the year. Acceptable containers for yard waste are trash cans (up to 32 gallon) with a yard waste decal facing the street (decals available at the Department of Public Works or at City Hall), or a kraft paper landscape bag. Containers cannot weigh more than 60 pounds. Plastic bags are no longer acceptable for yard waste of any kind.