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Records and Communications

Records Division

The Records Division is the central repository for all official depaltment documents.  Report information is downloaded into Clemis (Courts and Law Enforcement Management Information System), an Oakland County consortium of law enforcement agencies.

Records personnel process all requests for police reports, including Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests. They are also responsible for the processing of court dockets and subpoenas, false alarm billing, bicycle licenses, parking permits, noncriminal fingerprints, police clearance letters, warrants processing and requests for station tours.

Records are also responsible for the registration and monitoring of all registered sex offenders that live in Farmington. Residents are encouraged to check the on line list of registered sex offenders ( for this area. Sex offenders tend to be transient so we recommend you check the list on a regular basis.


As of October 1,2012 police dispatch is handled by Farmington Hills Police Department.  If you are in need of a police officer to respond to your location contact 248-474-4700 option #1 and a Farmington City police car will be dispatched.

During the non-business hours the communications room is staffed by cadets. Cadets have many responsibilities around the station. Those responsibilities include answering non-emergency phone calls, handling front desk requests, administering pbt's, and keep the station clean. If you are looking to speak with a Farmington City police officer they can be reached by calling 248-474-4700 option #2. The police station is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.