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Bicycle Safety

Drivers need to remember to watch out for children riding their bikes, and kids need to remember to wear safety helmets while riding.

Here are some bicycle safety tips for riders:
  •     Always wear a bicycle helmet.
  •     Make sure that your bike is properly adjusted for you.
  •     Drive slowly on bike paths and sidewalks.
  •     Look both ways before crossing the street.
  •     Walk your bike across streets and at crosswalks.
  •     Be aware of vehicles around you.
  •     Stay alert and watch out for obstacles in your way, such as potholes.
  •     Obey traffic signs, signals and laws.
  •     Ride along with traffic on the right side of the road.
  •     Ride single file while biking with others.
  •     Wear light colored clothing while biking at night.
  •     Make sure your bike is equipped with front and rear reflectors.