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Seasonal Worker - Department of Public Works

Job Description:

Mows and maintains parks and open space areas; mows lawns; weeds; plants; cleans and maintains courts and appurtenances; maintains sprinkler systems and assists in the repair and installation of sprinkler lines and heads; assists in the routine maintenance of buildings, vehicles, roads, sidewalks, water lines and sewers; performs some basic painting in the parks, cemeteries and other City facilities.
Performs routine maintenance on lawn and power equipment.
Carries out the seeding, top dressing, soil conditioning and watering.
Maintains and adjusts specialized turf care equipment and tools, including electric motors, pumps, sprinklers, tractors, mowers, and irrigation systems.
Operates tractors, mowers, jack hammers, trucks, steam cleaners, buffers, washers, and other listed equipment as needed.  Maintains current skills and knowledge in the proper and safe techniques of building and grounds maintenance functions.

Assists in setting up and taking down equipment for various functions and programs, prepares facilities for program use.
Assists in the construction of new open space facilities, including clearing, grading, drainage, and foundation work.
Keeps records of work completed.

Please see detailed description, requirements, and qualifications preferred by opening the "Detailed Job Description" link below.


Job Compensation


How To Apply

Applications can be obtained at the Dept of Public Works, 33720 W. 9 Mile Rd, Farmington, MI 48335 or Farmington City Hall, 23600 Liberty St, Farmington, MI 48335 or from the link below.

Please submit the completed application to the Department of Public Works at the above address.

Closing Date

Open until filled

Additional Information: