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Dog Licenses

ATTENTION:  Oakland County is waiving the delinquent fee for the dog licenses through 2020. The fee for a spayed/neutered dog will be $10.50 and for a male/female dog $18.00 through the end of the year. Senior discount is available. Three-Year licenses are available for dogs whose rabies vaccination is valid through 2022.

Dog Licenses should be renewed each year from January 1 until May 31.  In order to obtain a license, you must have a current, original Certification of Vaccination for rabies signed by an accredited veterinarian.
The safest way to renew your dog license is directly through Oakland County, either on-line or through the mail.

On-line - You can obtain your 2021 dog licenses at:  To order online, you will need a credit card or checking account and your valid rabies vaccination certificate. On-line service fees have been waived during the Covid-19 Crisis. (Although it may be displayed, it will be waived upon checkout.) Proof of rabies vaccination must be submitted within 10 days or your order will be voided.

Through the Mail - If you do not have access to a computer, tablet or smart phone, you may mail your license fee via check or money order and proof of current rabies vaccination to Oakland County at 1200 N. Telegraph Road, Bldg. 42 E, Pontiac, MI  48341.
If you have any questions contact Oakland County directly at 248-858-1070 or email